Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Song- I'm So Famous/Joi

Ok before you start snorting and scoffing at the title of the blog first read it...man youse a judgmental sumthin...I dunno but Joi's "I'm So Famous has been stuck in my head. I think what it is is that Im rather giddy at the fact that so many things in my life are falling into place. If ever you are wondering if you are wbere you are supposed to be and doing what you are supposed to do and whether you are walking inthe purpose God has intended for you just step back and take a look. You will see the doors he opened that were bolted shut and the connections that were made that never sould have been. If you allow hem to unfold, allow those that are suposed to walk out of your life to step and watch in awe as more amazing ones walk right in. And take note of the hidden blessings that come in trailing them like a reward for your patience. Its truly a beautiful thing.

I think the reason I'm so famous is in my head is because I am in a space where I'm meeting so many people. I'm finally getting to put this big mouth of mine to use by hosting Indigo. And this past weekend I was able to build off that by hosting Treazures Beach Party with more projects upcoming where I will literaly be on stage or at least inthe center of something. I have to admit its a bit intoxicating having the oppurtunity to meet so many people. To make connections where there were none previously. For people to tell you they've been wanting to meet you or they have heard of your show. For them to tell you you have a beautiful spirit or that you are an awesome person. The is nothing as great as seeing the physical manifestation of your dreams. Its amazing. And I get to live it everyday and watch as God continues to open new doors and new oppurtunities for me to build my legacy. I am blessed because I am in a position to do what I want. To create something that may very well become my legacy. To build on that and create other things. And to get to know many, many new people while I do it...And yes I am a ham and I love the attention so what! ;) I can honestly say...I've never been as happy as I am right now...So damn happy I'm gonna give you an extra link....

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